Spectro (Israel) is a private company, with the experience of 30 years in the Israeli market.
We are suppliers of analytical equipment for laboratories and industry.
Spectro Israel is a leading company in the spectrometry analytical market in Israel, with the biggest market share for Atomic Emission Spectrometers and industrial XRF.
During the years, we acquired excellent reputation mainly due to our high service ability and awareness to the customers' needs.
The company has a record of more than 200 installations in the metal and chemical industry and specialize in marketing, importing, and servicing of analytical instruments, consumables and standards. 

Our guideline is to find the best and the most suitable solution for customerneeds and providing, after sale services including installation, calibration,application support and training.
Some of the products we are marketing are:
· Spectrometers(ICP, XRF and SPARK) - SPECTRO A.I.
· Oil analysis - predictive maintenance equipment - GNR.
· Mercury analysis and hydride elements produce systems - PSA England.
· Element analysis, TOC - ELEMEMATR Germany
· Robot systems for chemical industry - ALSYS
· Flame Photometer, Chloride analyzers - SHERWOOD England
· Microwave for digestion, extraction, and synthesis and more - MILESTONE Italy.
· Planarity and surface analysis by optical measurement - POLYTEC Germany.

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