Spectro (Israel) is a well-known Scientific & analytical instrumentation Company, established in 1994.
Our Company is the leading Company in Israel in the field ofinorganic, especially ICP-OES, with ~50% market share.
Spectro (Israel) has more than 10 employees, which arehighly trained, experienced and well known in sales, support & service. Amongthem are Ph.D.'s & engineers.
Together with the success, the Company is in a continuous growth,also in other fields, e.g. Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry &Spectroscopy. For achieving this, while keeping Excellency, the Company hiredadditional highly skilled and highly experienced service engineers, as well asSales & support leaders. All of them came with high level of knowledge and experiencein industry and in competitors.
Our mission is to offer complete solutions to the growingmarket needs & demands, which includes instruments, support, service, andafter sale application support & training. 
Our current mainly fields of activity
-  ICP Spectrometers                                 Spectro Analytical Germany..
-  XRF Spectrometers                                Spectro Analytical Germany..
-  Arc / Spark Spectrometers                     Spectro Analytical Germany.
-  Elemental Analysis                                 Elementar Germany
-  Sample preparation                                Milestone Italy.
-  Oil and Gasoline quality examinations   Grabner Instruments Austria.

Our customers
-  Universities
-  Research institute
-  Pharmaceutical companies
-  Food & beverages companies
-  Analytical services labs
-  Pesticides & herbicides manufacturers
-  Agriculture institutes
-  Hospitals


Mr. David Shiner - CEO
Mobile +972 54 4969301
סחרוב 10, ת"ד 5247, ראשון לציון 75151
טל': 9693014 - 03
פקס: 9695392 - 03

Address: 10 Sacharov St., Rishon le-Zion P.O.B 5247 Zip 75151, Israel
Telephone: 972-3-9693014
Fax: 972-3-9695392